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Richmond Pharma-Branded Products

We source and supply quality assured medicines, medical and pharmaceutical products to customers in licensed and unlicensed markets.

Our team of buyers is expert at the wholesale supply and delivery of both licensed and unlicensed drugs and healthcare products. And because we deal direct with manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors at every stage of the pharmaceutical supply chain, we can supply consignments of any size. Furthermore, we have the capabilities to rapidly source and deliver drugs and healthcare products that are in short supply or specialist in nature.

Whether you need licensed or unlicensed products, our focus is on the highest standards of quality and safety. To achieve that, we:

  • Are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Hold a Wholesale Dealers License (WDL) which enables us to deal in medicinal products in the European Union (EU)
  • Deal direct only with manufacturers that have processes that conform to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements
  • Deal only with wholesalers and distributors that conform to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements
  • Maintain files on all our products, including full details of the active ingredient, its source and independent verification, where relevant.

We can source a wide range of medicines, medical and pharmaceutical products. We also supply Richmond Pharma branded drugs designed to provide our customers with high quality generic medicines at affordable prices.

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