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Richmond Pharma Quality Assurance

Regulatory and licensing

Richmond Pharma is regulated and licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency . MHRA is operates one of the strictest regulatory regimes in the world. It is the United Kingdom government agency responsible for ensuring that the medicines and medical devices we supply work, are efficacious and are safe.

Richmond Pharma holds a Wholesale Dealers License (WDL), which enables us to deal in medicinal products in the European Union (EU). In addition to ambient transport, storage and supply, we are licensed by MHRA for cold chain distribution of pharmaceuticals, and we apply the required Good Distribution Practice (GDP) that ensures medicines reach you in optimal condition.



Richmond Pharma’s MHRA License Number


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We also hold a Wholesale Dealer’s Import License (WI), which allows us to import unlicensed medicines from outside the EU. This enables us to offer you a much greater choice of unlicensed medicines and healthcare products. And we can source licensed and unlicensed products from outside of the EU for import and transhipment to your preferred destination.

For jurisdictions that do not have a domestic licensing authority, we can apply the same quality standards that our MHRA license demands to source medicines to meet your requirements. Alternatively, we can source high quality drugs and healthcare products from a range of licensing and regulatory regimes to suit your needs and budget.

Supplier audits

We conduct supplier audits of medicinal product manufacturers and wholesalers. Our audits require other wholesalers and distributors to provide details of their MHRA Wholesale Dealers Licenses (WDL), or their recognised national equivalents. Manufacturers are requested to supply an MHRA Manufacturers License or equivalent.

This means that even if the specification for your order does not require MHRA certification and its destination is outside the European Union, we are still able to offer you quality and safety guarantees.

We personally visit and conduct in-depth audits of our Richmond Pharma own-brand suppliers, and they all conform to World Health Organisation (WHO) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Our standard operating procedures have processes in place to deal swiftly and efficiently with product recalls and suspected cases of product counterfeiting, minimising the risk of defective products entering the supply chain.

Product files and quality

We maintain detailed files on each medical and pharmaceutical product we supply. These files include data about the manufacturer, the active ingredient and its source, and the regulatory regime under which it has been manufactured. Verification of product quality is conducted by independent, third party, laboratories.

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